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TMW Media Group is one of the nation's leading creators, developers and distributors of Educational Media Programs for classrooms, libraries, higher learning institutions, home schoolers and the General Public. Our educational catalog contains over a thousand programs that span from Pre-K-12 to collegiate students. Representative of titles in science, math, social studies, character education, sports, health & guidance, our library is heralded by educators for its quality, versatility and compatibility with best practices for teaching and learning. One of the attributes that make TMW unique in the marketplace is our diverse and sophisticated distribution network which helps ensure that our educational programming touches consumers through all channels including retail, institutional, educational and consumer direct. We invite you to experience TMW's world of "mind growing media."

First Light Video Publishing boasts the nation's largest selection of high-quality instructional media programming in the media arts. Developed specifically for the secondary and higher education markets, the First Light library contains over 400 craft-specific titles, covering film and video production, radio and television broadcasting, editing, media studies, writing, costuming, stagecraft for the theatre and many more topics for media arts courses. First Light provides the unique concept of media training and career skills, teaching usable job skills to students and professionals. It provides students with the kind of specialized training and industrial knowledge resources that help school districts make the most use of their technical resources, especially at the secondary level. Whether it's for an introductory media class or a graduate level film course, there's a First Light series that can elevate students curriculum to the next level.

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